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Learn as we Grow Project

New River SWCD won the NACD Urban Agriculture Conservation grant for 2016! With this grant, we have started the Learn As We Grow Project, which will provide local residents with the knowledge and experience to grow their own food and learn how to feed a family of four on a single 8x8 plot. 

What is the Learn as we go project?

The New River SWCD, along with the local Virginia Extension Service, Department of Forestry, Farm Service Agency, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Grayson County Land Care, and the local chapter of Master Gardeners, will work with the New River Hill Educational Farm to educate and demonstrate how local residents can Learn As We Grow.


We will show that an 8x8 plot can feed a family of four, and that we can all help protect our water quality. Most of our program will take place on the farm but the New River SWCD staff will also hold several in-school activities and on-site areas to promote student awareness and interest in gardening and food availability. 

The Learn As We Grow Project will provide the opportunity for community engagement by offering several learning activities from seed to table.

Vegetables will be sold to local CSA's and farmers markets.


They will also be donated to local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), accessible farmers markets, and hunger relief organizations. Students will be involved from initial planting to harvesting and marketing. 


Joining our Learn As We Grow Project will give you experience and knowledge in:

  • the availability of NRCS technical assistance

  • financial assistance

  • easement programs

  • basic gardening

  • food preservation

  • and more!


We will also be hosting educational field days and workshops on topics from starting plants from seeds; planting a garden; maintaining and harvesting a garden; and food preservation such as canning and freezing. 

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