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Virginia Agricultural
Cost-Share Program

The New River Soil and Water Conservation District is accepting applications for the state's agricultural Cost-Share Program. The conservation district includes Carroll and Grayson counties and the City of Galax. This program reimburses landowners a portion of installation costs for approved practices.

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These practices help reduce erosion and soil loss from the land and filter sediment containing fertilizer and pesticide chemicals before it can reach nearby waterways. Certain pesticides help store animal waste to prevent runoff into rivers, lakes, and streams. 

In order to qualify for these funds, a conservation plan must be written for the land, and the conservation district board must approve in advance. There are caps for the amount of money persons can receive, and those who receive certain funds must meet certain criteria, which include maintaining the practice for a certain period of time, as well as being subject to periodic inspections.

Landowners should contact the New River Soil and Warer Conservation District in order to start the process. For more information about the Cost-Share Program, visit our Contact page or call the NRSWCD at (276) 601-6163

How to Qualify for Cost-Share

  1. Contact the NRSWCD to sign-up. You may call the office, letting them know of your intended sign-up. This must be done prior to any installation (scroll down to find downloadable application)

  2. Develop or update your conservation plan (scroll down to find downloadable conservation plan template)

  3. ​The NRSWCD board must approve your cost-share application

  4. Install the cost-share to NRCS specification

  5. Technical inspection and approval of how the cost-share program is made

  6. Present bills and other supporting data to District staff

  7. The District will issue payment to landowner at specified cost-share rate


Installation of practices must be completed by the established expiration date. Each cost-share program has a life span and random spot checks will be performed over the life of the project to ensure each practice is still viable. 

Get Started Here:

Contact NRSWCD with your intent to apply.

Download Cost-Share Application Here:

Available Cost-Share Options (partial list): 

FR-1 Reforestation of erodible crop and pastureland

FR-3 Woodland buffer filter area

FR-4 Woodland erosion stabilization

SL-1 Permanent vegetative cover on cropland

SL-3 Stripcropping systems

SL-3b Buffer stripcropping

SL-5 Diversion

SL-6 Grazing land protection

SL-8 Protective cover for specialty crops

SL-8b Small grain cover crop for nutrient management

SL-11 Permanent vegetative cover on critical areas


WL-1 Field boarders

WL-Idle land

WP-1 Sediment retention, erosion, or water control structures

WP-2 Streambank protection

WP-2b Stream crossings and hardened access

WP-2c Stream channel stabilization

WP-3 Sod waterway

WP-4 Animal waste control facility

WP-4b Loafing lot management system

WP-4e Pumps to empty animal waste structures

WP-6 Agricultural chemical and fertilizer handling facility

WQ-1 Grass filter strips

WQ-4 Legume cover crop

WQ-6 Constructed wetlands

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