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Equipment Rentals

No-till farming is an excellent way to increase the health and productivity of soils by increasing soil organics and water infiltration, decreasing cropland compaction, and greatly reducing or eliminating soil erosion. In addition, no-till farming is one of the most economical methods of planting pastureland and hayland, saving you both time and money.

Our drills are perfect for planting all seed varieties. We own two drills with 12 feet planting width – eliminating the need to plow and disk before planting. Cost is $10/acre (5 acre minimum) and $30 set-up and calibration assistance. A minimum of 55 hp is required to pull the drill by tractor.

If you have any questions about no-till farming or our no-till drill rental program, please call 276-601-2105.

Great Plains No-Till Drill


2 available


Features: wide seed cups, v-bottom dividers, 4-speed gearboxes, digital acre meters, grease bank, seed level indicator, easy-to-access calibration crank, 06 series openers


Specifications: 12' working width, 7.5" spacing 


Typical Uses: small grains, soybeans, forages, cover crops, large pastures


Please contact NRSWCD at (276) 601-2105 for availability and scheduling. 

CREP Kit Program 


Widely Available


Features: tree tubes, tree stake, mat, staples, and top net


Typical Uses: establish buffers of native trees and shrubs along fish bearing streams and rivers


Please contact NRSWCD at (276) 236-7191 for availability and scheduling. 

Water Jet Stinger


1 available


Features: plastic bypass hose, pump and motor, pump roll cage, pressure relief valve


Typical Uses: used to plant dormant unrooted cutting of willows, cottonwoods, dogwoods, and other species


Please contact NRSWCD at (276) 236-7191 for availability and scheduling. 

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